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General Information & Volunteer Opportunities

Phone: (503) 239-1248

Email: WhiteShield.Contact@usw.salvationarmy.org

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 10027, Portland, OR 97296-0027


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Email: WhiteShield.Referrals@usw.salvationarmy.org

Phone: (503) 731-3970

Frequently Asked Questions 

How is the White Shield Center funded? 

The White Shield Center (WSC) is funded largely through contracts with the State of Oregon: Department of Human Services (DHS) and the Oregon Youth Authority (OYA). This comprises approximately 75% of the funding. The remainder of the budget is funded through foundations, grants and donations.

How are girls referred to White Shield? 

Referrals are made by above-listed child/youth agencies, DHS or OYA. Most often, youth are in the custody of one of these agencies, either voluntarily or involuntarily.

What happens after girls leave White Shield? 

An individualized plan is developed for each girl while they reside at WSC. Through the course of her stay, this plan explores the best scenario for support and transition to a foster home, while others prepare to live independently. The WSC staff follows up with youth after leaving the program up to a year.

What is the percentage of pregnant teens that keep their babies? 

This depends on the trends and context of society. Currently, approximately 98% of teen moms that come through the doors at WSC keep their babies. Each pregnant or parenting teen mom is given information about her options: to choose to parent or choose adoption (open or closed). If she chooses to parent, WSC staff assist her to become the best possible parent and to give the infants and toddlers a healthy beginning in life.

What is the success rate? 

Success is defined by each individual. Each young woman who passes through the doors of WSC has faced incredible challenges in her life. Each resilient, strong and steadfast in her own way. 75% - 80% of the girls who enter WSC complete the program successfully. 100% participate in school during their residence, working toward a diploma or GED.